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How to download Zac Brown Band – Homegrown MP3 for free?


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About Zac Brown Band – Homegrown

Zac Brown Band country music/folk band from the United States. The band is based out of Atlanta in Georgia. Members include John Driskell Hopkins, Chris Fryar, Jimmy De Martini, Matt Mangano, Daniel de los Reyes, Clay Cook, Zac Brown, and Coy Bowles. Most of the band members have managed to stick together. This of course cannot be said for many other music bands. Zac is the lead vocalist and also plays the guitar. De Martini is on vocals and fiddle. John Driskell Hopkins plays the upright bass, ukulele, banjo and bass guitar. Coy Bowles is on keyboards and does the vocals too sometimes. Chris Fryar plays the drums. Clay Cook plays the steel guitar, mandolin, and keyboards. Daniel de los Reyes is on percussion, and Matt Mangano is on the bass guitar.

Active on the music scene since 2002, Zac Brown Band is into jam-band, folk, Southern rock, country rock, and the country genres of music. Their work has been released through Big Machine Records, RPM, Atlantic Records, Southern Ground, and the Bigger Picture Music Group.

Zac Brown was passionate about music from a young age. His parents supported him as well. The initial lineup of the Zac Brown Band was traveling in 2002 as they had some work. But it was nothing substantial. A year later, they formed their own label by the name of “Home Grown”. However the name was changed later to “Southern Ground”. He later opened a restaurant and music club with his dad in Georgia. It was named “Zac’s Place”.

Zac Brown Band has released four studio albums. They are “Home Grown” of 2005, “The Foundation” of 2008, “You Get What You Give” of 2010, and “Uncaged” of 2012. The band has also released a couple of live albums, one compilation album, two extended plays, and 15 music videos.

“Homegrown” is a song by Zac Brown Band. This southern rock and country rock song was released on January 12th 2015 through Big Machine and Southern Ground. It runs for a total of three minutes and twenty five seconds. Homegrown is going to be a part of the band’s fifth studio album, which is expected to come out in the second half of 2015. However, we don’t know the precise date or the album’s name yet. Homegrown is the first single to be released from this album. Lyrics of this track have been written by Niko Moon, Wyatt Durrette, and Zac Brown. It has been co-produced by Jay Joyce and Zac Brown.

This is a song about a man who is happy with his life, and doesn’t lament what he cannot get. He sings about a good looking woman hugging him, and about his good friends. So it can be said that Homegrown is a happy and positive track. It also stresses the importance of never giving up.

The track has become a huge commercial success. More than 75,000 copies of the song has been sold in less than a week since its release.


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