Sheppard – Geronimo

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How to download Sheppard – Geronimo MP3 for free?


Did you know? You can download Sheppard – Geronimo directly from YouTube.

All you need is a YouTube Converter that can save YouTube videos as MP3 files.

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DONE! You now have the Sheppard – Geronimo MP3.


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About Sheppard – Geronimo

Sheppard is an indie pop band from Australia. The group was formed in 2009 at Brisbane. Since then, they have come out with their work through Republic, Decca/Universal, Chugg, and Empire of Song/MGM. The group is made up of three Sheppard siblings – Amy Sheppard, George Sheppard, and Emma Sheppard, and thus the name of the band. However there are three other members with them as well. They are Michael Butler, Dean Gordon, and Jason Bovino.

Interestingly, the Sheppard siblings grew up in Papua New Guinea, and relocated to Australia later on. Their dad used to work as a lawyer there. It wasn’t music early on. George was actually trying to become an actor. But Amy was studying music. Emma was also learning to play the bass while she was at the Somerville House. It was George and Amy who initially formed the group, when Amy asked her brother to help her with her music assignment. That was in 2009. Amy did the vocals, while George played the piano. He was also the supporting vocalist. The other members joined later. Jay Bovino is the rhythm guitarist and songwriter. Michael Butler is the lead guitarist, Emma is on bass, and Jared is on drums. Jared Tredly has been a member of the group. But he left in 2013.

Sheppard has released a single studio album – “Bombs Away” of July 11th 2014. They have also come out with an extended play – the self-titled “Sheppard” of August 17th 2012. The album is certified Gold, while the EP is 2× Platinum.

“Geronimo” is a song from the only studio album released so far by Sheppard, “Bombs Away”. The song was released on February 28th 2014 for digital download through Empire of Song. Geronimo is the first track from the album. This indie pop single runs for a total of three minutes and thirty eight seconds. It has been written by George Sheppard, Amy Sheppard and Jay Bovino, and produced by Stuart Stuart.

The song’s title is a reference to Geronimo, who is a well-known Apache military leader. This is about the custom of shouting his name just before performing a courageous act. In the song’s music video, you can see a wooden likeness of Geronimo that is being carried by many people. It appears as a motif.

Geronimo is an epic song for the Australian music industry. It has done very well at the charts. In fact, Geronimo marks the longest time any song has remained at #1 position on the Australian singles chart for an independent release. The first time the song reached that position was in April 2014. It’s also the first #1 that has been recorded in Brisbane. But now of course, this track has become a global success. It has featured prominently in the Billboard 100 chart as well, making the band famous worldwide.

The song has done very well in charts in many other countries too, in Italy, Ireland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, United States, Sweden, Spain and many others.


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