Sam Hunt – Leave The Night On

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How to download Sam Hunt – Leave The Night On MP3 for free?


Did you know? You can download Sam Hunt – Leave The Night On directly from YouTube.

All you need is a YouTube Converter that can save YouTube videos as MP3 files.

1. Download and install the FREE YouTube to MP3 software called VDownloader.

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3. Copy this URL to your clipboard (select and copy):

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DONE! You now have the Sam Hunt – Leave The Night On MP3.


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About Sam Hunt – Leave The Night On

Sam Hunt is a former college football player and country music singer-songwriter from the United States. He comes from Cedartown in Georgia. He was initially a songwriter before beginning a career in singing. He co-wrote the single “Come Over” for Kenny Chesney in 2012 and received an award from ASCAP for this. Sam also wrote two singles, “Cop Car” for Keith Urban, and “We Are Tonight” for Billy Currington in 2014. But eventually he turned to singing himself and came out with “Raised On It”, which he released in September 2013. He also produced a free 15 song mixtape that was titled “Between the Pines” a month later. Apart from singing country, Sam also plays the guitar and piano. But of course, singing and songwriting will remain Sam’s priorities for a long time.

Encouraged by the early successes of Sam Hunt, MCA Nashville from the Universal Music Group Nashville signed a contract with him in January 2014.

“Leave The Night On” is Sam’s latest single. It’s his second single. Leave The Night On, just like the voice of its singer, is richly layered. It showcases a range and offers the fans pure country-pop sound. It’s much more pure than what you will find in most other country songs in recent times. You’ll see the mandolin on full display in the track. The theme is classic country.

Sam Hunt is a fine singer no doubt. But perhaps what’s most unique about his talent is his polished, hip-hop inspired cadence. That’s what distinguishes Sam with the other artists of his genre. The lyrics are almost always deftly written. That’s hardly surprising. After all, Sam started off as a songwriter himself. His sharp-as-nails delivery makes each word decipherable. He deftly pulls from many genres to craft a song that is remarkably innovative and fresh, and yet is true to the themes of country music that traditional listeners have loved for so many years.

Lyrically the track is much the same as some of the most popular country songs. But with Leave The Night On, it seems as if Sam is ready to push the boundaries of country music.

Fans are sure to love this one. Leave The Night On is witty and sharp throughout. It’s a lot of fun. This is the perfect track if you just want to outstretch your arms or roll the windows down and go on that long drive across the country. Naturally, it’s all over the radio these days. According to Mediabase, it has been the 37th most played song for the seven days ending June 21. It looks all set to continue its run. The track is doing very well on the iTunes Overall Single Sales chart as well.

Leave The Night is doing very well on YouTube too. The two minute fifty second video has been viewed more than 350,000 times as of early July 2014. There are close to 1500 Likes, and a lot of comments, most of which are extremely positive.


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