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How to download Rihanna – FourFiveSeconds MP3 for free?


Did you know? You can download Rihanna – FourFiveSeconds directly from YouTube.

All you need is a YouTube Converter that can save YouTube videos as MP3 files.

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About Rihanna – FourFiveSeconds

What happens when three amazing singers come together to record music and release a song? Magic! And that’s what has happened with “FourFiveSeconds”. The three artists here are all legends. They are the actress, fashion designer and singer Rihanna; the rapper from the United States Kayne West, and the pop music and rock genius from Liverpool in England, Paul McCartney, who is famous for being a part of The Beatles. No wonder, this song is creating waves in the US and outside.

Active on the music scene since 2005, Rihanna is into pop, reggae, dance, hip hop and R&B. she has released seven studio albums, two compilation albums, and two remix albums. All her seven album releases has been huge successes globally. Kayne West, controversial at times, has released seven studio albums as well, a couple of live albums, three video albums, four mixtapes, and 91 music videos. He is an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and director too. Paul McCartney on the other hand is nothing short of a legend. He is best known for being a part of The Beatles, with John Lennon, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. These four together have often been referred to as the “Fab Four”.

“FourFiveSeconds” is a pop song recorded by these three famous singers. The song was composed and recorded for Rihanna’s eighth studio album release, which is expected to be soon. Its title or release date though has not been announced yet. However, what has been learned is that, this is going to be the lead single of the album. FourFiveSeconds was released on January 24th 2015 for digital download through Roc Nation, and Westbury Road.

It runs for three minutes and eight seconds. Its lyrics have been written by Noah Goldstein, Elon Rutberg, Dallas Austin, Dave Longstreth, Tyrone Griffin, Mike Dean, Kirby Lauryen, Paul McCartney, and Kanye West. West previewed the song a few days before its release at the iHeartMedia Music Summit.

FourFiveSeconds is a stripped-down pop song, but you cannot miss the folk and country music influences in it. The feeling is definitely folk. In the instrumentation, you will notice the presence of cello, organ, and the acoustic guitar. The cello works in the background. Interestingly, the lines of West aren’t rap. He is rather singing here. McCartney just plays the instruments. Lyrically, FourFiveSeconds is about emotions. The song is about heartbreak and redemption.

Most music critics have loved this song. The performances of all three have been praised, as also its minimalistic production and direction. Yahoo! News says that the song is about personals experiences and confusion. Elle magazine says that it is about repenting in the morning for all mistakes made in the night before. Jocelyn Vena from Billboard feels that it is a departure from what we usually get from Rihanna. So this is quite unusual for her. Hugh Mclntyre from Forbes agrees with Vena. Lanre Bakare from The Guardian has said that this song is a ballad.

You should certainly not miss this song. It’s going to go down as one of the greats.


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