Prince Royce – Stuck On A Feeling

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How to download Prince Royce – Stuck On A Feeling MP3 for free?


Did you know? You can download Prince Royce – Stuck On A Feeling directly from YouTube.

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About Prince Royce – Stuck On A Feeling

Geoffrey Royce Rojas, better known by his stage name, Prince Royce, is a record producer, singer and songwriter from the United States. He was born at The Bronx in New York. He comes from a family of five children. Prince belongs to the following genres of music – R&B, Latin pop, and Bachata. Active since 2009, his work has been released through Sony Music Entertainment and Top Stop Music.

His dad used to drive a taxi in NYC, and his mom worked in a beauty salon. However it was music the young Geoffrey was interested in. He followed his passion and became a part of the elementary school choir team. In an interview later, he says that he was very comfortable singing Christmas songs on stage, even at that early age. Geoffrey would also participate in talent shows as a young boy. He was writing songs and poetry too.

At the age of 15 years, Royce started making music with a partner by the name of Jose Chusan. The duo came to be known as “Jino and Royce”. And in another year, he started making music with the producer Donzell Rodriguez. It looked certain that music was going to be his career. He finally met Andrés Hidalgo, who would become his manager later, when he was 19 years of age. Andrés Hidalgo introduced Prince to Sergio George, and this lead to his first contract deal with a label once he had heard his singing.

Prince Royce has released three studio albums as of January 2015. They are the self-titled debut “Prince Royce” of 2010, “Phase II” of 2012, and “Soy el Mismo” of 2013. All the three albums have been certified Platinum. They have all achieved high positions in multiple charts. The first album sold more than 357,000 copies in the US, and the second one has sold more than 111,000 copies. Several of his songs have been to the top of music charts. Royce Rojas has released four non-album songs as well.

“Stuck On A Feeling” is a song by Prince Royce. Recorded in 2014, this hip hop single was released on November 24th 2014 for digital download through RCA Records. The song runs for a total of three minutes and thirty seconds. The lyrics of this single have been written by Sam Martin, Calvin Broadus, and Geoffrey Rojas. It has been produced by Jason Evigan. The song also features a stellar performance by the G-funk, reggae, hip hop, and gangsta rap artist from the US, Snoop Dogg.

This song is expected to be a part of Geoffrey’s fourth studio album. However the release date or its title hasn’t been disclosed yet. A music video of Stuck On A Feeling was also released on December 10th.

There is a chorus part in this single that has been taken from “Dance with Me” from 2001, a song from the R&B group “112”. This track has already become the best performing single of Royce so far in the US. Its doing very well at the charts.


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