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How to download MAGIC! – Rude MP3 for free?


Did you know? You can download MAGIC! – Rude directly from YouTube.

All you need is a YouTube Converter that can save YouTube videos as MP3 files.

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3. Copy this URL to your clipboard (select and copy):

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DONE! You now have the MAGIC! – Rude MP3.


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About MAGIC! – Rude

MAGIC! is a reggae fusion band from Canada based out of Toronto, Ontario. The band members are Nasri Atweh, Alex Tanas, Ben Spivak and Mark Pellizzer. Mark plays the guitar, Ben is on bass, Alex is on drums, and Nasri is the lead vocalist of the group. “Rude” is their debut single from their first album that was titled “Don’t Kill the Magic”. It’s available on CD and digital download from Sony Music Entertainment. There’s a second song that goes by Don’t Kill the Magic from this album.

Though the group has been active in the music scene since 2012, but they released the video version of their first song Rude on October 11th 2013. It’s been quite a rage since then. The album was released a few months before that, on July 1st 2013. Rude has been written by all the group members together. Adam Messinger has produced it.

The track of Rude plays with a quasi-reggae feel. It tells the story of a man who asks his girl’s father for marriage blessing. However the dad rejects him. He thus laments saying “Why you gotta be so rude”? Interestingly, this song was originally based on a real-life situation. The vocalist of MAGIC!, Nasri Atweh, the Grammy award winning producer and songwriter, has been in an unhealthy relationship with a previous girlfriend. His girlfriend got mad on him once and became harsh. So he sang “Why you gotta be so rude/ don’t you know I’m human too”. But it didn’t work for MAGIC! back then, and so they revised the plan. This time, he talks to the disapproving father of his lover.

There’s a definite sorrow in the singer’s voice here. But it still manages to be uplifting. The reggae music in the track is a kind of automatic resilience to the hardship described in the lyrics. It’s an interesting mix of feelings here. Nasri later on suggests that despite the objection, he’s still marrying the girl. “We’ll be a family”, he says. It sits nicely with the jovial and peaceful groove in its tune. Rude is soulful, fun and easy. The 72 beats per minute tempo is sure to hook you quickly. You’re likely to latch onto the melody. That’s precisely why it has been played over and over again by the radio stations.

The pop loving audience has loved this song. Sales have crossed the half million mark. It’s a nice change for Nasri Atweh from his production and songwriting days. We can certainly expect many more gems like this from Nasri and this Canadian band in the next few years. The track entered the US Billboard Hot 100 list at #97 on May 10th 2014. It moved to #62 just a week later, and two weeks after that it was at #39. Rude also reached the #2 position on the Billboard Hot Digital Songs list.

Rude has been viewed more than 23 million times on YouTube as of the end of June 2014. It has been Liked almost 2 million times as well.


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