Katy Perry – Roar

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After recording the video clip for her new hit single Roar, Katy Perry claimed she totally reeked of monkey. Another fun fact: the elephant in the clip started eating all the expensive plants as soon as he came on set. Isn’t that what most extra’s in music videos do, head straight for the catering table?

How to download Katy Perry – Roar MP3 for free?

1. Download and install FREE YouTube to MP3 software called VDownloader.

2. Run VDownloader

3. Copy this URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeyNVOepYyo

4. In VDownloader, choose ‘MP3’ and click ‘Download’

5. Save the MP3 somewhere on your computer.

DONE! You now have the Katy Perry – Roar MP3 for free.


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