Idina Menzel – Baby It’s Cold Outside

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How to download Idina Menzel – Baby It’s Cold Outside MP3 for free?


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About Idina Menzel – Baby It’s Cold Outside

Idina Menzel is an actress, singer and songwriter from Queens, New York in the United States. She has been an active in showbiz since 1996. In the world of music, she belongs to the pop and Broadway genres. Her music work has been released through Walkman, Warner Bros., and Hollywood labels. However Idina has a very active television, theater and film career as well. She has worked in 13 theater productions, the latest work being the Broadway production “If/Then”. This was her return to Broadway after a break of a few years, while she was concentrating on other areas.

Idina performed as “Elsa, The Snow Queen” in Frozen, and has been a part of many other movies. She received multiple nominations including the Tony Award of 1996 for “Rent” of 2005. Actually this was the production that brought Idina to the public attention. She was generally in the sidelines before this project. “The Glee Project” is her latest television work. But Menzel is about to appear in the recreation of Elsa for television in “Frozen Fever” in 2015.

She has made a name for herself in music too, like theater, television and films. As a music artist, she has come out with four studio albums. They are “Still I Can’t Be Still” of 1998, “Here” of 2004, “I Stand” of 2008, and her latest “Holiday Wishes” that came out on October 14th 2014. She takes time between her albums, because obviously Idina is busy with a lot of other things, and also because she wants to be careful with her work. The third album has been the biggest hit, as it reached prominent positions in both the UK and US charts. Menzel has also released one single live album.

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” is quite an old song by Frank Loesser. He wrote the song together with his wife Lynn Garland and they performed it together way back in 1944. Several artists have tried doing it since then. Idina Menzel is the latest artist to have tried her luck with this one, and this latest rendition has been very successful as well. She has done this with Michael Buble.

This song becomes very popular during the Christmas season almost every year. This year seems to be no exception as well, though Christmas is about a month away. Idina’s version of Baby It’s Cold Outside is already in the charts. Clearly the public has taken to it. The song has been played many times by popular radio stations.

Idina Menzel has even included the song in her latest studio album “Holiday Wishes”. It’s the third track here. The original lyrics of Frank Loesser have obviously remained unchanged. This song runs for a total of two minutes and forty six seconds. It’s certainly worth listening to. It will bring you in the Christmas mood, as the weather changes outside. Listening to this wonderful song is a great way of welcoming the holiday season. You will not want to miss this one.


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