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How to download Darius Rucker – Homegrown Honey MP3 for free?


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About Darius Rucker – Homegrown Honey

Darius Rucker is a singer and songwriter from the US (Charleston in South Carolina). He belongs to the following music genres – country, R&B and rock. Musically active since 1986, Rucker can play the guitar very well like so many other artists, but of course, he is best known for his vocal skills. He first got the public attention as the rhythm guitarist and lead singer for the Grammy Award-winning rock band “Hootie & the Blowfish” that Rucker himself founded along with Dean Felber, Jim Sonefeld and Mark Bryan while they were going to the University of South Carolina.

Rucker has written most of the songs this band has come out with, and some of them have been very good indeed. So it can definitely be said that Darius Rucker is hugely talented in both writing and singing.

Rucker’s talents for music probably come from his father who was a member of The Rolling Stones, a gospel band in South Carolina. Though they were living a very modest life (at one time 14 children, the grandmother, Rucker’s mom, her two sisters and dad all shared a three bedroom home), but still, Rucker says that he has extremely fond memories of his childhood, unlike so many other artists.

He has given us four studio albums so far. They are “Back to Then” of 2002, “Learn to Live” of 2008, “Charleston, SC 1966” of 2010, and “True Believers” of 2013. The last three albums have all been certified Platinum or Gold. Rucker has also come out with eight music videos. What’s absolutely incredible about this singer is that, he has come out with as many as six singles that have made it to the #1 position in the charts. That’s an incredible record any artist will be proud of.

“Homegrown Honey” is the latest single from Rucker. It has been more than a year since the release of his last album, and so, we can be sure that this song is going to feature prominently in that. In fact, Rucker has already disclosed that he has written 60 songs already, and is in the process of selecting 12 or 15 for the next album. But he agrees that Homegrown Honey is sure to make the cut.

The song has been written by Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum and Nathan Chapman, and of course by Darius too. Frank Rogers has produced this song. He has been working off and on with Hootie & the Blowfish. Recently he performed the song with the group at the 12th Annual Homegrown concert for the benefit of school children.

He is actually extremely hopeful of Homegrown Honey as it is a bit different than what he usually makes. This is not a family song. Rather, it’s a country party with an up-tempo tune that’s sure to make you feel like moving. There are plenty of hooks here. The story of Homegrown Honey is about a country girl who lives in New York City.

Homegrown Honey is already doing very well at the charts. It featured at #51 on the US Country Airplay list. It’s sure to get bigger with time.


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