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The British alternative rock band Coldplay is awake again from their quasi-hibernation. They have come out with their sixth studio album “Ghost Stories” on 16th May 2004. It was released by Atlantic Records in North America soon after. Ghost Stories has been written and produced by Chris Martin, Will Champion, Jonny Buckland and Guy Berryman. “Magic” is the second track in this album. However it was released a couple of months before in March, 2014. Magic has been described as easygoing and typically romantic pop. It is kind of a signature of the band, though with a few unique traits.

Magic is a return to form for the group, given the fact that they have been away for some time now. The track is heavy on bass. It is almost like an electronic-inflected groove. It is the voice of Martin that makes it sounds vintage stuff. “Call it true. Call it magic, when I’m with you”, he says. He keeps adding “Yes, I do” from time to time that hooks the audience. The acoustic guitar sounds good here in this video as well.

There are muffled snares in the beat that gets repeated almost throughout Magic. As it progresses, you get to hear the organ as it is added to the instrumentation. However later in the show, it is swapped for a stomp-clap beat. The beats all come together in the later stages, after the second chorus, as you hear Martin sing in falsetto.

You might notice thoughtful, deeply textured production touches such as guitar reverbs and warbling synths that will stay with you after the 5:16 minutes of playing time.

Coldplay is a leading band from Britain now, and Magic isn’t going to do their reputation any harm. In fact, this group has become so popular that they are often compared with U2 as well. That’s quite an achievement really. Even Martin says that these comparisons make him feel “liberated”. Coldplay came out with their first studio album in 2000 – Parachutes. A Rush of Blood to the Head was released next in 2002. This was followed by X&Y in 2005, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends in 2008, Mylo Xyloto in 2011, and now Ghost Stories in 2014. They have been consistently coming out with an album every three years since 2002.

Magic has received positive to mixed reviews from the critics. Jamieson Cox from Time magazine says that “the single hints at a few new tricks up the band’s sleeve”. Kory Grow from Rolling Stone says that it is “a return to form”. Meanwhile fans are absolutely loving it. Magic has been viewed 26 million times on YouTube already. It has been Liked two million times as well, which is amazing. There are almost 11,000 comments, which show how popular it has become.

Magic has been nominated for the “World’s Best Song” category at the 2014 World Music Awards. The results are yet to come out of course. We want to see how it does there.

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