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How to download Bobby Shmurda – Hot Boy MP3 for free?


Did you know? You can download Bobby Shmurda – Hot Boy directly from YouTube.

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About Bobby Shmurda – Hot Boy

Bobby Shmurda is a rapper from the United States. Originally from Jamaica and Trinidad (his father is from Jamaica and mother is from Trinidad), Bobby was born in Florida as his mother moved to Florida. Bobby wasn’t originally into music. He became a part of the local Brooklyn gang at a young age, and even spent fifteen months in custody for violating probation. The gun charge was eventually dropped. Bobby’s dad had troubles with the law as well.

It was at this time that he began to take his music seriously as Bobby wanted to come out of his troubles. But having said this, music wasn’t certainly new to Shmurda. He was rapping in the local neighborhood even when he was just ten years of age. He even remixed a song – “Knuck If You Buck” at the age of 10. However his music was just pushed to the background in the initial years of his life.

Bobby Shmurda belongs to the drill music and hip hop music genres. Active since the last 10 years, this rap artist was finally able to break out into the music scene thanks to “Hot Boy”, which is also known as “Hot Nigga”. This song was released on March 2014. One striking feature of this song is its Shmoney dance. Hot Nigga has become very popular now and is doing very well in many charts. Many critics have commented that the main reason why this song has become so popular is because of it contains this unique form of dancing. The choreography of this dance was done in 2013. You can see the dance in its music video. The song also contains beats from “Jackpot” by Lloyd Banks.

But Bobby was noticed because of his immense music talents, even before the Hot Nigga song came out. Epic Records signed a deal with him.

The music video of Hot Nigga runs for three minutes and eighteen seconds. Its Shmoney dance has become so popular that even Beyoncé was seen doing the move in the On the Run Tour. You can see Bobby and his friends doing their unique dance moves in the video. There have been more than a million views of the video in less than two months. The number is going up rapidly. Many bloggers and critics have commented that Shmurda would soon become the next big name from NY because of this.

It certainly seems like that, as there have been countless other renditions of the song and its dance sequence. Drake has also used the song in the 2014 ESPY Awards. A lot of freestyles of this song have been released by many rappers, like French Montana, Juicy J, Gunplay, Lil Kim, and T.I. among others. it has been revealed that Busta Rhymes, Jadakiss and Chris Brown are coming out with remix versions.

Hot Nigga has been doing very well at the charts. It charted at #21 on the Billboard Rap Digital chart. It also featured at #17 on the Digital Rap Songs list.


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